When you order lights, you're really ordering service!

You’re a designer, an electrical engineer, a contractor, architect, or perhaps a property owner. If you’re visiting us today, you probably need some fixtures. But more than lights, you need good service. Real, personal service from someone who knows the options well, and understands the dynamics of the job site.

You've come to the right place.

Nothing is more important to us than providing you with outstanding personal service. You’ll find our sales team knowledgeable and upfront about the pros and cons of each item. We’ll work with you patiently to find solutions to any design challenge, in keeping with your budget. Our energy-efficiency team also provides expert guidance and special deals to energy rebate contractors.

Once work at the job site is in progress, we coordinate our deliveries with the electrical contractor. We’ll even gladly stagger the deliveries so that the delicate fixtures aren’t laying around the job site. If the lights you ordered feature a decorative trim, we can unpack and hold those for you until the paint job is done.

Really, whatever works for you. Just let us know.

Joe Seiden
Joe Seiden, President

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